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Beam E5 Archon Kit (Motor & ESC) Pack (E5-1002)

basic information
Price $680.00
Retail Price $680.00
Brand BEAM
Model E5(Archon)
Product Code E5-1002
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 Beam500 Archon Kit(Swash Servo, Motor, ESC Pack)

BEAM ARCHON KIT(Swash Servo, Motor and Transmission pack).

- Beam Made -

- Price is the best !!  Beam 611MG Swash Servo included-

- Lower heat temperature, high torque!!

High Torque !! Beam 4015 - Includes 1470Kv BLDC motor -



- Excellent stability !! Hobbywing 100A ESC included -

- Kit Feature -

    Main Blade with the size from 450mm~473mm is suitable for 500 Class Flybar-less Kit.

   ● Standard Swash Servo Basic installation Main frame, excellent stability compared to other company's applied to mini servo / flight ability.

    (Excellent Beam ratio when applying our Beam 611MG Standard Servo

   ● Acetal damper application, FBL Head System

   ● Use of anodized parts after precise CNC Manhinning(Production of the part itself).

   ● Main servo motor with standard servos,
   ● One Piece Tail Housing & Injection Tail Control System.
   ● Standard Servo Mount, insert Tail Servo Mount into the frame inside the frame.
   ● Newly designed FRP Canopy .
   ● Precision injection main gear, belt pulley.
   ● High quality main blade (463mm).
   ● White Color Injection landing gear.
   ● Injection (plastic) tail blades.
   ● The link cage length & pitch neutral are provided at once, and the basic system tool is provided.

- Detail photo-

    Painted FRP Canopy & White Color Landing Skid.

   ● Precision CNC Machining, FBL head System(Acetal damper application).


Precision injection main gear (140T) & main pulley (84T).


● Standard swash base servo installation, mainframe system.

● Precision CNC machining, metal boom brace mount & tail control rod mount.


   ● Precision CNC machining, metal one-piece tail housing and tail system.


 ● Insert the  Metal Standard Servo, then Mouth it to the tail Servo


   ● Length - 930mm  

   ● Height - 258mm  

   ●  Main rotor  diameter: 1200mm(465mm Blade)

   ●  Main gear: 140T(0.7M)

   ●  Tail pulley: 84T

   ●  Tail gear ratio: 1:4.2   

 Basic setting guide -

   ● Required battery capacity (size): 6S 3300 ~ 3800mAh (Max Battery Size: 45x45x145).

   ● Available blade: Main Blade (425 ~ 473mm).

   ● Recommended Head RPM depending on blade length.

   Main Blade 465mm to 3000RPM, 473mm to 2900RPM.


- Archon Kit
- Beam 611MG Swash Servo - 3EA
- Beam 4015-1470KV Motor
- Hobbywing 100A ESC

- This product is a single product, requires more than 6 channels of transmitter, receiver, gyro, tail servo, battery / charger.

Detail information
Product Beam E5 Archon Kit (Motor & ESC) Pack (E5-1002)
Price $680.00
Retail Price $680.00
Brand BEAM
Model E5(Archon)
Product Code E5-1002
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